The core of our interest in this work is the presentation of the hybrid system of the Arabic speech synthesis and more precisely of the linguistic and the acoustic treatment. Indeed, we will focus on the grapheme-phoneme transcription, an integral stage for the development of this speech synthesis system with an acceptable quality. Then, we will present some of the rules used for the realization of the phonetic treatment system. These rules are stocked in a data base and browsed several times during the transcription. We will also present the module of syllabication in acoustic units of variable sizes phoneme, diphone and triphone , as well as the corresponding polyphones dictionary. We will list the stages of the establishment of this dictionary and the difficulties faced during its development.

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In contemporary multilingual French cinema, language functions not only as a vessel of meaning, but as a socially loaded and complex tool which is far from neutral. Consequently, language can constitute a narrative device in itself, and a weapon to be harnessed and deployed in the pursuit of power. The film thus calls into question not only the shifting status of marginalised languages in French society, but also the delicate and crucial role of translation in a social landscape marked by linguistic hybridity and intercultural conflict.

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An Arabic TTS System Based on the IBM Trainable Speech Synthesizer



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